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World Mental Health Day 10th October 2022

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing


At St Edmund’s Catholic School we are committed to promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing to all our students and members of staff.  We aim to create a safe and caring environment in which all feel valued and able to seek support.  We realise the importance of developing resilience in our students, not only in their academic studies but also in supporting their development, as they grow into independent young people.  Our goal is to ensure that our students are equipped with the tools to face life’s challenges.


We provide a wide variety of support options which are specifically aimed at providing our students with the strategies to maintain good mental health.


Below are some examples of the support available to students:


  • Pastoral or SEN support for those who struggle with anxiety
  • Kooth (online counselling and information service)
  • Trained Wellbeing Mentors
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Mindfulness sessions, including Yoga and Meditation
  • A weekly hour of enrichment activities such as Boxing, Clip and Climb sessions or Horseriding
  • E-safety sessions
  • A Wellbeing room where students can talk to trained staff and mentors
  • Work with organisations such as Porchlight and Project Salus
  • Counselling sessions with our school counsellor
  • Referrals to Early Help and CHYPMHS to ensure that our students receive the most appropriate support


Spotting the signs of Mental Ill Health:


Although changes in behaviour in young people are not uncommon, particularly in adolescence, it is important to watch for signs that there could be something more significant going on.  Below are some of the possible signs that your child needs more support:


  • Mood changes. Feelings of sadness or withdrawal from friends and family over a prolonged period of time.
  • Intense feelings. Extremes of feeling such as overwhelming fear and anxiety for no reason. Fears and worries are making daily tasks seem impossible.
  • Behaviour changes. Drastic changes in behaviour and personality which could include violence and out-of-control or risky behaviour.
  • Difficulty concentrating. Trouble focusing and sitting.
  • Unexplained weight loss.  Sudden loss of appetite or changes in eating patterns and diet.
  • Physical symptoms. Children can experience unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach-aches.
  • Physical harm. Signs of self-harm such as unexplained cuts and bruises.
  • Substance abuse.


If you have concerns that your child is struggling, please seek medical advice in the first instance and of course you will want to liaise with us here at school to ensure that school life is supportive.


Useful links


Some useful websites: (online counselling) (Information about Mental Health for families) (support for self-harm) (suicide prevention charity)


Our Mission and Values

“Therefore learn as if to live forever; live as if to die tomorrow” (St Edmund of Abingdon)

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