Our school will reopen from Monday 8th March, please check your emails for the latest information
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Home Learning

In line with the Department for Education guidelines, our Remote Learning Programme ensures that your child receives the same content education during lockdown, or when isolating, as they would if they were in school. A brief overview of this programme is detailed below:


- Students will receive a sequenced and content rich education 

- Students will follow their normal school timetable remotely

- Students will have access to high quality remote learning resources

- All work will be disseminated to the students using Microsoft Teams



There is an expectation that your child will complete all their work remotely and upload it using the Assignments page on Microsoft Teams. All children in the school have been completing their homework using this software since the start of the academic year. 

Should you have any issues regarding accessing ICT provision at home, please contact your child’s House office in confidence immediately, we will then ensure they are still able to access the same provision as their peers.

Video guide – Accessing Microsoft Teams via a computer/laptop

A brief video explaining how to login and access Office 365 and Teams for St Edmund's students.

How to submit work on Teams

A brief video explaining how to submit work and hand in work on Teams for St Edmund's students.

How to access Teams and upload work on a phone or tablet.