We are pleased to highlight that our recent Section 48 Inspection judged our school as Outstanding
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World Space Week 2020

Students at St Edmund’s will be celebrating World Space Week 2020 (4-10 October)

The theme this year is “Satellites Improve Life”. Students will be studying the diversity of satellites and the many ways in which they improve our everyday lives on Earth. They will also have the opportunity of watching talks promoting the diversity in space careers from Apprentices at Airbus to a Glaciologist.

You can become involved with your child by observing satellites from your own doorstep. If you can see stars, then you are likely to be able to spot satellites. By following the link, you can learn how.

Students will be designing and building their own satellite which they can enter a Year Group Competition. Please, get involved with us at St Edmund’s to promote and stimulate your child’s interest in space and technology. You never know where it may take them!!