We are pleased to highlight that our recent Section 48 Inspection judged our school as Outstanding
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Schools have a statutory duty to provide Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance to Years 7-13. (Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools, 2015) At St Edmund’s Catholic School, this is an objective that we take very seriously and believe that by doing so, it will assist the school in meeting the objectives of the Rapid Improvement Plan and more importantly ensure that our students are given the tools to make a successful transition to their chosen pathway. The detail of this report has been written with reference to the Government guidance on careers education in school, alongside Ofsted requirements for CEIAG. The report has been written in consultation with the Career Advisor provided by the Kent EBP.


Aims and Objectives

St Edmund’s Catholic School Catholic School is fully committed to promoting CEIAG from the top down across the school. We believe that strong CEIAG is crucial to a young person developing their employability skills and resilience needed to cope in modern society that will ultimately have a positive impact on educational attainment. We have a part-time member of staff who is qualified to Level 6 in Careers Guidance to provide outstanding and impartial guidance to our students. We also seek out additional time from external organisations to provide independent guidance to targeted students.


The programme will encapsulate all students from the gifted & talented to students with special educational needs alongside ensuring that students in alternative provision are supported. There will be particular emphasis placed on the impartiality of the guidance and focus on each student’s individual needs. We aim to give students the opportunity to engage with industries and educational establishments alongside local labour market information, which will subsequently allow them to make informed choices about their future career paths. We aim to meet requirements on destinations figures and use this data in an analytical manner to improve delivery of the programme.


Delivery of CEIAG

There is a structured arrangement within the school to deliver CEIAG:


  • Director of Student Development with responsibility for CEIAG and Transition for all Key Stages. Currently this post is held by Mr J Jukes who can be contacted at or on 01304 201551
  • Careers Advisor with responsibility of delivery of CEIAG.
  • PSHE co-ordinator with responsibility for the PSHE programme which includes the delivery of CEIAG.
  • Head of Houses who support tutors in CEIAG related activities and student progression to relevant year groups.


Student Entitlement

We believe that students should be entitled to a comprehensive programme of CEIAG across each year group. This entitlement will be reviewed on an annual basis. Staff will be privy to the student entitlement through the school’s internal communication. It will be available to all students and parents through the school website.




An annual budget will be agreed by senior leadership team and will be the responsibility of the DOSD in charge of CEIAG and Career Advisor. It will make allowances for students to receive a programme of aspirational trips and activities that will meet the student entitlement.



We work with a number of different organisations to support our students to ensure they receive outstanding independent and impartial IAG alongside maintaining staff are well resourced on current issues and developments. These include:


  • Kent Education Business Partnership.
  • Kent County Council
  • NHS
  • Dover Counselling Centre
  • Port of Dover
  • National Citizens Service


In addition, we aim to strengthen our links with local employers and educational providers. This includes ensuring that our students are able to access outstanding educational opportunities.


Evaluation of Provision

The CEIAG policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the SLT with input from key staff and students. We value the input of our staff and more importantly, students, parents and they will be asked for the input of how to improve the CEIAG provision.